• How the Drawing and Painting Orders Process Work ?   

A Simple 3 Step Process for Drawings from Photos

  • First, send or upload your photo(s) , I will check the photo(s) for quality and email you to confirm receipt and summary of your order, and pay a 50% deposit.

  • When pencil portrait drawing is completed, first I will issue an email with an image for you to review and approve. Then, if you approve, a link within the email will request the remaining 50% balance to be paid .

  • Finally, when I receive confirmation of payment , I will insert into a padded envelope or in tube and ship via Mail/FedEX/UPS.

Are all of your artworks create by hand?

Yes,all the Paintings and Drawings purchased from Birdman Art are %100 handmade with no machine or digital techniques whatsoever.

Do professional artists create my artwork?

Yes,your artwork is created by professional artists. All of our artist have a Bachelor of Arts Degree and have spent several years developing their skills as an artist. All of our artists apply the same technique.

How do I send my photo?

There are three ways to send us your  photo. Whichever  way you choose, please make sure to include your name and order number so we know who the photo belongs to. If you choose to send  your  photo digitally.

Please send it in .jpg format.

1- By mail : artofbirdman@gmail.com

2- Upload your photo with : Messenger

3- Artshop Pencil Sketch or Oil Painting

What are the requirements for submitting a digital photo?

We require all photos to be clear enough so that our artists can  zoom  in on the finer details of the face, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth. If these areas are blurry or pixelated, it will be hard for our artists to create a realistic portrait for you.

Please be aware that social media sites, such as Facebook, shrink your photos as they are uploaded, so it is extremely important that photos taken from a social media site are clear.

If you are not sure whether your photo is clear enough for our artists, please email us your photo at  artofbirdman@gmail.com or message for a free consultation.  After you place an order, We will notify you if we require a better quality photo before beginning your artwork.

Can you combine multiple photos ?

Yes, that is possible! We can combine them into one painting/ drawing , please give us your comments in the remarks section to explain how you would like the paintings/drawings combined.

How long will it take for me to get my preview?

Traditional Drawing: 5-9 business days

Traditional Oil Painting: 2-4 weeks

When will my artwork ship? 

Traditional Drawing: Ships within 1-2 business days of receiving approval.

Traditional Oil Painting: Ships within 1 weeks of receiving approval (due to drying time.)

Other Gifts and Figureness Orders : 1-2 bussiness days of receiving order.

Postage: Free Shipping (US)

How will my artwork ship ?

All Your Orders are sent via Mail depending on your locate.

Your portrait drawing order is sent in tube or padded envelope.

Your oil painting order is sent in safe cartonboard packaging or in tube.

Other Gifts and Figureness orders are sent in original own gift box.

To help us get you your artworks on time, please be sure to let us know if you have a particular date you  need your artwork by. With this information, we will work with you to get you your artwork on time. Without this information, we can only ship artwork in the order in which they are received and for the amount paid for during the check out processes.


All shipments are registered. So you will have tracking number to keep track of your item.

Buyers are responsible of providing us the correct and complete delivery address. Birdman Art  is not responsible of incorrect addresses and the buyers who are not found at their addresses. There will be no refund due to the failure of deliveries to buyers.


We take all the necessary precautions while packing the goods.

Do portraits come framed ?

We don’t offer framing . We prefer to concentrate on the portraits.
There are some reasons for not framing the Portraits, but the basic one is every house has its own interior design and the frame of a painting has to fit in well with the whole interior, so you can make the best choice for a frame. There are many frame shops where you’ll be advised and helped in selecting the best frame for your room or office.

The other crucial reason is safety. Our paintings and drawings are transported rolled in secure post-tubes. We wouldn’t want to be responsible for a damaged painting, which traveled stretched on a frame.

Can I have the artwork delivered as a gift to someone else?

You sure can! When placing your order, you are asked if your billing and shipping addresses are the same. If you would like it shipped somewhere other than your billing address, simply provide the correct shipping address at that time.

If you have already  placed  your order and would like to change your shipping address, please email us at artofbirdman@gmail.com before the artwork is shipped.

If you would like a gift note included in any of your orders, please email us with the short message you would like included and we will ship the artwork with the note.

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